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Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world (2.8 million km2), with 53% arable land. It boasts the 3rd largest economy in the region and 2nd highest GDP per capita in the region in terms of Purchasing Power Parity. An unemployment rate under 6.6% with 75% of jobs in the service sector.



The United States enjoys a trade surplus with Argentina, and is Argentina’s number two trading partner behind Brazil. U.S. goods and services trade with Argentina totaled an estimated $23.9 billion in 2016. U.S. exports to Argentina include machinery, oil, plastics, and organic chemicals. U.S. imports from Argentina include mineral fuel and oil, wine, preserved foods, and aluminum.


There are more than 500 U.S. companies doing business in Argentina employing more than 150,000 workers. The United States is the largest foreign investor in Argentina with approximately $13.32 billion (stock) foreign direct investment in 2015, according to the Department of Commerce.




  1. Argentina is a resource-rich country with huge potential.

  2. Its population is highly literate and well-educated. There are strong cohorts of professionals in medicine, business, law, accounting engineering, architecture, etc.

  3. The country is digitally capable, with high internet and smartphone penetration.

  4. Income distribution is more equal than in most Latin American countries, with a broad and deep middle class that enables more consumer buying power

  5. Argentina’s infrastructure requires major updating and renewal, providing significant opportunity for exporters of equipment and services for roads, ports, railroads, telecommunications, water and sanitation, and electric power, among others.




  • The U.S. supplies raw materials, intermediate goods, and capital goods to feed Argentina’s industrial sector.

  • About 90 percent of U.S. exports to Argentina are used in local industry and agriculture such as computers, industrial and agricultural chemicals, agricultural and transportation equipment, machine tools, parts for oil field rigs, and refined fuel oil.

  • Over 500 U.S.-based companies operate in Argentina, employing 360,000 Argentines directly and supporting millions more indirectly.

  • U.S. firms operating in Argentina impact the Argentine economy and society positively and are widely respected for their corporate governance, the quality of the work environment they provide to their Argentine employees, their transparency, and their work in corporate social responsibility.

  • 8 major oil and gas fields (5 conventional, 3 unconventional, offshore exploration potential)

  • Unexploited metal and mineral reserves (copper, gold, silver, lithium, potassium)

  • Optimal conditions for renewable energy development (wind, solar)

  • 98% literacy. ~ 110,000 college education graduates per yea

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Population - 44,494,500

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