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Population - 3,000

GDP per






Flight Time

From LA

25 Hours

Flight Time

From NYC

25 Hours

2016 Falkland Islands population by gender & age


Falkland Islands ranked No. 206 in total trade value through December with a total of $13.27 million. Exports totaled $214,959 and Imports totaled $13.05 million, a deficit of $12.84 million.


The value of the top five categories of U.S. imports from FALKLAND ISLANDS (ISLAS MALVINAS) –– Frozen fish; Fish fillets, chilled or frozen; Salvage; Value added to a returned import; and Navigational equipment –– accounted for 99.62 percent of all inbound shipments.


Oil fields have already been discovered in the Falklands basin and there is further exploration potential and future opportunities for long term hydrocarbon production. It is important to ensure the fiscal regime is designed to support developments throughout their productive lifecycle. Well considered and locally appropriate policy features developed at the start of the provinces’ cycle offer the potential for long term stability and building confidence upon which the industry can develop.

Overview of Opportunities in Falkland Islands

Relevant Industries to Focus On

  • Agriculture

  • Automotive

  • Construction

  • Gas, Oil, and Petroleum

  • Machinery and Mechanical Appliances

  • Maritime and Shipping

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