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Brazil Fruit Industry Expert

Fruit Industry

Expertise in general business conception, planning, and setting up agribusinesses.

Brazil Agribusiness  Expert


Expertise in operational and administrative structuring of agricultural projects.

Brazil Agribusiness Expert


Expertise in evaluating agricultural projects.

Brazil Livestock Market Expert

Livestock Market

Expertise in the analysis of the agricultural market in real time.

Brazil Coffee, Grains, and Sugar Expert

Coffee, Grains, and Sugar

Expertise in trading and financing transactions.

Brazil Poultry Industry Expert

Poultry Industry

Expertise in poultry processing equipment and technology.

Brazil Agriculture Investment Expert

Agriculture Investment

Expertise in financing, trading, industry and services.

Brazil Cotton Industry Expert

Cotton Industry

Expertise in the technical, operational and administrative part of cotton agribusiness.

Brazil Grain Industry Expert

Grain Industry

Expertise in grain origination, balance, billing and inventory control.

Brazil Agribusiness Expert


Experise in foreign sales & purchasing contracts.

Brazil Agribusiness Expert


Expertise in Strategic Development Projects, Corporate Governance Projects, Management Assistance.