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Agricultural Equipment

Expertise in farm equipment loans and financing.

Food Processing

Expertise in the food and agriculture business from farm to fork.

Crop Insurance

Expertise in innovative solutions for sourcing insurance products.

Seed Industry

Expertise in value chain of seeds spanning 5 verticles.

Agricultural Equipment

Expertise in tractors, harvesters, agri-machinery & engines.

Seed Industry

Expertise in seed production across most of the vegetable crops, corn and marigold.

Fruits and Vegetables

Expertise cultivating practices to increase productivity and high quality fruits for export business.

Fruits and Vegetables

Expertise in seed, production, farm management, marketing, and supply chain.


Expertise in the agriculture science, green house technology, seed production, and plant protection.

Business Development

Expertise in creating a strong sourcing network for commodities.

Product Management

Expertise in COGS, quality, productivity, and capacity improvement.

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