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Gas, Oil, and Petroleum

Natural Gas

Expertise in sales, operations, business development, EPC and policy advocacy.


Expertise in sales of line pipes, valves, pressure vessels, heat exchanges, fittings and flanges.

Strategic Sourcing

Expertise on spend analysis and multiple sourcing strategies.

Retail Gas

Expertise in commercial, marketing, business development, contracting and strategic planning.

Natural Gas

Expertise in corporate strategy, business development, and fuel security.

Oil Refining

Expertise in plant operation and process plant commissioning.

Business Development

Expertise in business growth, corporate finance, restructuring and strategy needs.


Expertise in lubricants, polymers and organic chemicals.

Petroleum Retail Industry

Expertise in negotiation, budgeting, operations management, cost management, and international business.


Expertise in the safe and sustained operation of refineries.

Business Development

Expertise in plant maintenance and project management.

Petroleum Management

Expertise in fiscal systems and techno-economics, financial modelling, and contract evaluations.

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