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Healthcare and Medical Equipment

Healthcare Investment

Expertise managing equity investments.

Supply Chain Strategy

Expertise in procurement of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, medical material and medical equipments.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Expertise in manufacturing,development and sales of products.

Healthcare Management

Expertise in hospital administration.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Expertise in analytical research technology transfer of analytical methods.

Marketing and Development

Expertise in business strategy, advertising, integrated marketing, strategic thinking and market analysis.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Expertise in formulations, drug delivery, APIs, business development, corporate strategy and mergers and acquisitions.


Expertise in international marketing of formulations and API's.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Expertise in formulation development, and process validation and development.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Expertise in product portfolio, R&D, manufacturing, costing, capex, and supply chain.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Expertise in marketing and strategic development.

Business Development

Expertise in medical devices and healthcare IT platforms, healthcare delivery networks and private equity investments.


Expertise in hospital, quality, and project management.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Expertise in selling ethical & OTC products, outsourcing bulk drugs, procuring semi-finished pharma products.

Public Health

Expertise in conceptualizing and leading large-scale public health programs.

Public Health

Expertise in Opiod use, HIV/AIDS, and Tuberculosis prevention, sexual and repoductive health, and family planning.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Expertise in strategic sourcing, contract manufacturing, licensing and partner search and clinical services.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Expertise in in sales and marketing, business development, market development, and licensing.

Business Development

Expertise in evaluating healthcare diagnostic facility design equipment needs.

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